Week 32

Well, my 32nd week is almost finished, just two more days! I can't believe how quickly this last trimester is passing. Believe you me, though, when I say I am very grateful! And, believe it or not, I am also very excited about giving birth to this baby. Call my crazy! I am so looking forward to bringing another bundle of joy into this world. Another squawker to hold and cherish.

Despite my new compression stockings, I have noticed that my leg is still getting worse. However, the pain is much more bearable with the stockings on. One of the veins in my leg has gotten to the point that, upon rising, I must either put on my stockings immediately, or not stand still. Once I am still for even a few seconds the pain is so intense it is hard for me to put any weight on my leg in order to start walking again. I really hope this problem disappears after this pregnancy is over!

While talking of pain, my hips have started separating, which is another source of pain. Thankfully, though, it is only painful after sleeping on my side for an extended period of time. Usually I can spend half the night turning from one side to the other, but at some point in time I end up having to go sleep on the couch; it's much cushier! OK, David is bugging me for the computer, so I guess I'll leave this post at that!

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