The Wall - Week 35

You'll have to forgive the frumpy clothes. I wasn't in the mood to look pretty today. LOL!

As so many women may remember with their pregnancies, there is a wall that every pregnant woman slams into. It doesn't always pop up at the same time, but one is guaranteed that it will pop up. I have now hit that wall; time is slowing down, my body is falling apart, I am grumpy and irritable, and did I mention time is slowing down? I feel like I have been 34 weeks and some pregnant for a few weeks now, and I am ready for this week to be over. I'm hoping this is just an anomaly, and time will get going again soon.

I am starting to wonder if my wall popping up this week had something to do with the fact that I have stopped taking the White Oak Bark my midwife prescribed. One is only supposed to take it for four weeks, and mine were up. This past Sunday was when I stopped taking it, and Monday was when I suddenly felt like Ian had grown a lot overnight, stretching me to the point of discomfort. Who knows? Just something else for me to ask the midwife about.

The veins in my leg are continuing to get worse, so I have started wearing two of my stockings on the same leg. That has helped, but we shall see how long that lasts.

The muscles in my abdomen and back are suddenly feeling incredibly stretched out and tired. Standing for an extended period of time (say 20 minutes) causes a soreness in my upper abdominal and middle back muscles. Also, sitting with my feet resting on the floor causes the same soreness and tiredness. I mentioned this to David this evening, to which he tried to comfort me by starting to say, "Well, you're how many weeks along now, 35?..." I knew what he was going: "You only have a few more weeks to go.", so I cut him off by saying, "I don't want to talk about it!!" Oh, my poor David, he puts up with so much abuse! To my defense, I have tried telling him as kindly as I can that I do not wish for any encouragement that reminds me of how much further I have to go. I just want him to say "Oh, honey, I'm sorry you feel that way.", or something of the like. I have told him this, a few times, doesn't quite seem to be sinking in. Oh well.

On a positive note, my early GBS test came back NEGATIVE!!!! I am going back for another test on Monday; let's hope for the same results! Although, I am still not sure if I am going to take precautionary steps anyhow. I'll have to discuss it with my midwife.

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