Week 33

OK, I've hit my irritable, reclusive stage! I just want to stay home and avoid people I know who will ask me obnoxious questions, or make irritating remarks. I honestly have been trying to stay positive and gracious, but my body is starting to fall apart, which is making me very grumpy. Oh well, seven more weeks!

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Jacquelynn said...

Those last weeks are always so hard because it's so obvious that you're pregnant and people always want to know "how far along are you?" or "when are you due?" or "how much longer to go?" And the mother-to-be is always worn out from answering those questions! Don't you wish you had a "count down" t-shirt you could wear and as each day passes you just change the number of the days or months on the shirt? It should read: HERE ARE THE ANSWERS TO YOUR Q'S,
then have different categories listed:
It's a _________ (boy or girl)
There are ______ months to go (snap on a number)
There are ______ days to go (with the same option)

Oh well, count it a privilege to be so blessed.