This morning I got dressed only to realize that Emmaline had leaked through her diaper onto my last pair of clean pants. "Oh well, they don't stink; I'll just have to do laundry after I get back from running my errands", I said. I threw on my favorite warm sweater, spritzed it with my favorite perfume to cover up any residual smell from my jeans, then glanced in the mirror only to see that Emmaline had spit up on my sleeve; I, having forgotten all about it, had just folded up the sweater and put it away after having last worn it. Aaaarggh! Now I am starting to understand why some mothers are out shopping in their pajamas: they simply don't have anything else to wear! Sigh...I LOVE motherhood!!!

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Tiffany said...

That's really funny, well not funny I'm sure when it happened but when you look back on it all you can do is laugh. It's happened to me many times. Now I get double the amount!