Curse Daylight Saving Time!


Curse DST, and curse my lack of organization!! Curse being a first-time mother!!! There are so many little details that are so easy to overlook when trying your best to scramble through this stage of life called "Motherhood"! The time change problem just kind of snuck up on me, and I had no clue I would need to do something to prepare my child for this. In hindsight, of course I see I should have done something. Where is the "New Mother's Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Keep You and Your Baby Sane"? I did not receive one when I gave birth to Emmaline. Man did I get cheated!!

Oh well, now I am having to kind of turn the clocks forward a bit. I tried putting Emmaline to bed half an hour later than she is accustomed to going to bed, but so far it doesn't seem to be helping. Perhaps I'll have to do it in fifteen minute increments. Are any of you other mothers out there having a problem?

All Emmaline did this morning was cry: she cried because she was tired, she cried because she was hungry, she cried because she wanted a cream wafer instead of oatmeal for breakfast, she cried because I put her down when she smacked me in the face for telling her, "No, you cannot have a cream wafer for breakfast", she cried while eating her oatmeal, she cried when I changed her diaper, she cried while I was giving her a bottle of milk, and she cried when I tried to lay her down for a nap.

She's NOT having a good morning.

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Tiffany said...

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time getting her schedule back on track. I don't remember if I had any trouble with the time change last year with Lucas. This year I didn't have any trouble at all. But Emmaline is much younger than Lucas so maybe it's just easier once they start to get a little older. Hang in there!