Yea!!! Photos!!!!

Here are the photos of Emmaline celebrating her first year and Christmas. I went to a place called Portrait Innovations, and, since I had been warned of what I was walking into, it was a very enjoyable experience. The girl that photographed Emmaline was very patient, professional and overall very understanding. The girl took almost 60 pictures, so it was hard to whittle it down to three. I was forced to, though, otherwise I would have ended up spending over $100. I still walked out of there having spent more than I had planned, but I am highly satisfied with the service and product I received.

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snelson's said...

i LOVE the one with Santa's hand!!!!! she is gorgeous!!!

Tiffany said...

oh my! She's so adorable! I love the one with her reaching out for Santa's hand!!

Jacquelynn said...

What a cute granddaughter! What happened to the baby we left behind? We can't wait to see you all!