Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving we were able to celebrate with the Sellers and Farinas. My older sister Erin and her family came over and Lucia, Michael, and our new addition to the family, Justin, joined us as well. I had a lot of fun playing with my nieces and nephew; it was so good to see my sister again, and Luke too!!

Unfortunately, I didn't get around to taking very many pictures. In fact, I completely managed to not get a picture of my nephew, our table spread, nor of when we swapped ornaments, which is a Johnson (my side of the family) tradition started a few years ago.

Luke and David were wonderful at watching the kids while we women worked at getting Thanksgiving dinner ready. Amber and Ava rode the tricycles that Lena brought down for Emmaline, and Andrew chased them around. Andrew, unfortunately, had an allergic reaction while at our house. I'm not sure if it was the cat we had here over the summer, or if it was our dogs that triggered his wheezing. Poor little fellow!

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